Turbine Selection

The final turbine to be used for the Amherst Community Wind Farm was selected after several analysis. It was decided that 2 Enercon E-101 3.0 MW turbines would be the most suitable for this site.

To select the appropriate turbines, over a year's worth of wind data was gathered from the meteorological mast (test tower) installed on the site near the location of the turbines. Once enough data was gathered, a third party consultant as well as the turbine manufacturer Enercon, used the data to model several turbine types and determine which would be the most suited for the site.

Comparing multiple turbine types, the Enercon E-101 3.0 MW turbine produced the best results within the sites' limits.

The E-101 has a hub height of 124 meters and a blade length of 50.5 meters. The rated capacity of this turbine model is 3.0 MW. Because the project has a capacity of 6.0 MW, only 2 turbines will be required in lieu of the 3 previously proposed.

For more details concerning the turbine, please visit the Enercon website. Here is a direct link to the E-101 webpage : http://www.enercon.de/en/products/ep-3/e-101/.

The noise and shadow flicker assessments have been updated to model the potential worst case noise and shadow flicker that is predicted to occur. The reports can be seen by selecting the links below:

The location of the turbines will not change from the previously proposed turbines, as displayed below, the middle turbine will simply not be installed, which lowers the footprint of the project and reduces the disturbance to the existing land.

Final turbine locations using E-101 turbines
Previously proposed turbines