Community Engagement

Natural Forces is committed to establishing positive relationships with the community by means of public meetings and community consultation.  In doing so, we will address all concerns pertaining to this proposed development raised by local residents and community members. 

The following is an estimated projected time line for the public consultation that will take place in accordance with the following schedule.

Winter 2011 - Open house #1

Summer 2012 - Community Feed-In Tariff Approval

Spring 2014 - Commenced wind monitoring

Summer 2014 - Open house #2

Summer 2014 - Website built

Fall 2014 - Environmental Assessment registration

Winter 2015 - Environmental Assessment approval

December 2015 - Newsletter Released

Winter 2016 - Pre-construction activities

Winter 2016 - Tree clearing

Spring 2016 - Road construction 

Spring 2016 - Turbine pad construction

Spring 2016 - Foundation construction start

Spring 2016 -Tower, turbine and blade delivery

Summer 2016 - Concrete pour for foundation

Summer 2016 - Electrical work by Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Summer 2016 - Assemble of turbine

Fall 2016 - Site cleanup

Fall 2016 - Electrical work continues

Fall 2016 - Commissioning of the turbines

Summer 2036 - Project decomissioning


Throughout the length of the project’s development, construction, operational, and decommissioning phases, Natural Forces is committed to:

  • Constant consultation with residents of nearby communities
  • Continuous discussions with the local councilors, MLAs and business owners
  • Informing the public of the project's progress using this website, newsletters, public open houses and press releases.

At the public meeting October 9th 2014 held at the fire hall by Natural Forces, there was mention of a possible Community Liasion Committee (CLC) however due to a lack of interest the CLC will not be formed at this time. The formation of such a committtee may be revisited in the future if enough community interest is available.